• Jaragua no cae
    Alex Martínez Suárez
    Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes, Santiago de los Caballeros
    Feb 24, 2021 to Apr 25, 2021
    Alex Martínez Suárez

Max Pou, Hotel Jaragua Aerial View, 1960. © Colección Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes

Jaragua no cae (Jaragua won’t fall) is a research-based curatorial project with a virtual exhibition and accompanying book. It presents a didactic and reflective journey on the life and death of the Jaragua Hotel, the iconic Caribbean modernist building that introduced the tropical typology towards the future development of tourism in the region. With a chronological approach, the exhibition tackles the unexpected facts about the project from its conception until its demolition with the intention of thoroughly analyzing the building while also continue to raise awareness about the importance of recognizing and preserving what is left of the modern legacy. This initiative invites reflection, but the intention is to encourage action as well. It is a call for attention and action for society and elected officials who must keep preservation, legislation, and protection of Modern heritage in their agendas.

Alex Martínez Suárez is an architect, researcher, and educator. He holds a master’s in advanced architecture from the Berlage Institute, Netherlands, and a master’s in liberal arts in museum studies from Harvard University. Along with his independent curatorial practice, he is currently general coordinator and museographer at the Museo Fernando Peña Defilló, Santo Domingo. He has curated several exhibitions on the subject of modernism and in 2014 he was coeditor of the book Architecture in the Path of the Sun: Understanding Dominican Modernity, published for the 2014 Architecture Venice Biennale. He is also columnist and editorial board member of Arquitexto Magazine. He currently teaches at Harvard University; Universidad Iberoamericana, DR; and Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. He has also taught and lectured in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. He has been awarded several research prizes, scholarships, and grants, recently receiving the 2018 National Youth Award of the Dominican Republic. He is principal of Archipiélago, based in Santo Domingo.